This week’s Craving Ellie in My Belly was Aromatic Noodles with a Lime-Peanut Sauce, chosen by Beth of Supplicious. Great choice Beth! This was delicious.

This is another winner from Ellie Krieger. She starts with whole wheat noodles and bulks it up with a ton of yummy green vegetables, then mixes it all up with a tasty and satisfying peanut sauce.

The sauce consists of creamy peanut butter (I made my own - more on that in another post), soy sauce, water, vinegar, lime juice, scallion, ginger, brown sugar and red pepper flakes. I left out the scallion - didn’t have any, and the red pepper flakes - don’t like them. The sauce was very tasty. In my sauce, the main flavor (besides the PB ) was the soy sauce, which I loved. You would think that maybe it would be overly salty, but these two ingredients really complemented each other, and the lime and ginger helped to cut through the richness of it all. I don’t know if I added the correct amount of ginger, but I would have enjoyed a bit more in my sauce.

This was my first foray into making peanut sauce and I have only eaten it a handful of times. So, I didn’t really have any expectations of the sauce or anything to compare it to. I am not sure how others will feel about this sauce, I am interested to hear my fellow cooks opinions and see if they made any changes.

Instead of regular whole wheat pasta (which I don’t really like) I used a package of udon noodles that I have had in the pantry waiting for just the right thing. I ate this warm and cold. It was great both ways, but I liked it better on the warmer side. Though I did eat it right out of the fridge at work because i was hungry, so it may have been better if I had let it come down to room temperature for a bit before stuffing my ravenous face.

I will definitely be making this again, and am looking forward to eating the rest of it tonight for dinner. You can find the recipe here, and you can see what the other Craving Ellie ladies thought here.

Well, normally Nick writes the posts on this blog about our forays in bread baking. He has a much better understanding of bread baking and the science behind it. However, we made this focaccia together, and somehow I got the task of writing a post for it.

When I think focaccia bread I think thick soft chunks of herby oily bread with a light golden crust. That is exactly what Peter Reinhardt delivered in his focaccia recipe from
Image from Amazon
The Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread. This is our newest cookbook acquisition and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the recipes we have tried so far. The focaccia recipe is on page 164-65 of the book.

One of the first breads that Nick ever made was a focaccia recipe from King Arthur Flour. It was delicious and he made it multiple times. However, I remember thinking that it didn’t seem like authentic focaccia that I sometimes get in Italian restaurants or pizzerias. It seemed too thin and chewy. So when this came out of the oven so thick and fluffy, I was super excited and pleased.

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No Brioche Plum Tart here today. I usually have to give the majority of my Tuesday with Dorie baked goods away, and I wasn’t about to go through the effort of brioche making just to give it all away to some coworkers.

Instead, I give you blueberry lemon muffins a la Dorie. I make muffins pretty much on a weekly basis so that we can always grab one out of the freezer for breakfast in the morning. So I like to experiment and try different muffins. However, blueberry muffins are one of both of our favorites. So whenever I see blueberries on sale I pick up an extra container for muffins.

This is a super easy lemon blueberry muffin, which is pretty much the same recipe that I used for my lemon poppy seed muffins. The original lemon poppy seed muffin recipe came from Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, which I just adapted to a lower in saturated fat version. I actually liked this version with the blueberries better.

I used some fresh blueberries and I love how bountiful they look here. They really pop against the yellow muffin, not to mention that they are also absolutely delicious.

Make these. Trust.

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We are so not vegetarians at imafoodblog. I love meat and could not imagine a life without it. That said, sometimes I just don’t feel like meat. Sometimes I want something fresh and light and meatless.

Oh vegetarians, don’t get too excited. This only lasts for a meal or two, then I go back to my animal eating instincts.

So I got this urge a week or so ago after seeing a post by one of our very first blogger friends, Sippity Sup. He was doing a week of burgers, and when I read this I thought to myself, “wow, he is going to be eating a lot of meat". But true to his ingenious form, he comes out with a delicious looking and sounding vegetarian burger that piqued my interest right away. Our picture doesn’t do this burger justice, but his does (of course), so check out his post to get your mouth watering for this.

His burger was a slow roasted portobello mushroom, smothered in mozzarella cheese, topped with roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and basil, on a good quality Kaiser roll.

I made a few slight changes based on our preferences, and I also served these on some freshly baked homemade sandwich rolls. Perfection!

My slightly adapted recipe is after the jump. Whether you make it Greg’s way or my way - or your own way - you should pencil this in for a lunch or dinner very soon.

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This week MacDuff of Lonely Sidecar chose the Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe, and her pick was a Lobster Roll. Yum! To me, nothing says summertime like some great seafood, or to be more specific, shellfish.

I am a shellfish addict - shrimp, lobster, mussels, and my favorite littleneck clams. I will eat it all in almost any form you can think of to prepare it.

So I was excited to try this recipe out. I originally planned to make it with some lobster that Nick’s sister and brother in-law were bringing down from Rhode Island over 4th of July. However, I forgot. So I ended up making it earlier this week with some jumbo shrimp.

The recipe really is the dressing which consists of mayo, greek yogurt, celery, scallion, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. It was pretty good. I ended up using only a little bit of the dressing on my sandwich, but Nick put a bunch more on his and really enjoyed it. It was a tad bit bland, which some members mentioned on the Tell All, so I added more salt and some celery salt to this mixture. The dressing kind of reminded me of coleslaw dressing, and there was already celery in it, so it seemed natural. MacDuff also suggested using Old Bay on the Tell All, which I totally should have thought of, but I had already made them. :-/

I don’t really know much about what an authentic lobster or shrimp roll is supposed to be, so I don’t know how this compares. Though I can imagine that those sandwiches have mayo and maybe sour cream on them. I also did not serve these on a hot dog roll because I had some baguettes in the house, so I am sure that made a difference texture wise.

This wasn’t one of my favorite Ellie recipes, but it was still an enjoyable dinner. What I liked even more though, was this Rice and Lentil Salad that I made courtesy of Giada DeLaurentiis. The salad was fantastic! You should try it out.

I have no cute story or anecdote about linguine with clam sauce. This dish is really just a combination of some of my favorite ingredients - pasta, clams, garlic, and of course parmigianno cheese.

I make this every few months when I get a hankering for it. It is always so satisfying. I love the simple briny sauce with loads of garlic and a little bit of creaminess for some parmigianno or romano cheese.

I actually based this recipe on, gasp, a really old Rachael Ray recipe that I found in my recipe binder. You can find the original recipe on the Food Network website. This will be one of the only times that you will see anything Rachael Ray related on this blog, so savor this post RR fans.

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