About a month ago I was BSing with Joepastry about an idea I had to make a Rose Champagne Panna Cotta. Being the ever engaging and sardonic codger he is, he suggested that I “throw in some Kobe beef and truffles” to boot. Well Joe, consider this my witty retort.

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Well, it’s late, but it’s still Thursday. And I came home from work like a good girl and made this week’s Craving Ellie in my Belly recipe. This week Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen picked Thai Style Halibut with Coconut Curry Broth on page 232 of The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life by Ellie Krieger. (Jeez, can I fit any more links into that paragraph?)

I have to say that Nick and I are generally anti-curry. It’s just not really something that appeals to us. Though I have not really had much experience eating curries, I find the aromas to be unpleasant.

I always associated curry with Indian food. However, it was not until we were at the grocery store that I realized that there is Thai curry and Indian curry. We picked up a can of Thai red curry paste, read the ingredients and thought maybe this would be better than we thought.

I was still a bit hesitant to make this with the curry, but I figured, what the hell. If it’s terrible, we have a pizza rule. (Which is, you can make anything you want, but if it sucks, you have to pay for the pizza).

I used tilapia instead of halibut and I made the sauce per the recipe. I used my own chicken stock and surprisingly I already had a can of light coconut milk in the house (I am sure this is leftover from one of Geoff’s escapades in our kitchen ;)). Now, if you know us at all, then you know that I definitely left out the grossness that is cilantro. I was being adventurous, but I was not trying to ruin my meal entirely!

I served this with a brown rice/wild rice mixture and instead of steaming the spinach, I sautéed it in a ton of garlic and Nick’s garlic basil olive oil. I love super garlicky spinach.

The verdict: This was surprisingly good. I don’t enjoy spicy foods, so for me, this had just the right amount of spice. Though if you do like spice, I could see how you would want it to be much spicier. The flavors were good and the curry was not nearly as offensive as I was expecting it to be.

Nick also liked this a lot. I believe his exact words were “I like this, and I don’t care if you don’t". That’s my man. Always sweet and charming.

So, I’m glad I stepped out of the comfort zone here and made this. I don’t know that I will be using Thai curry paste a lot, but I won’t completely write it off in the future. And I would make something with it upon request by my newly curry loving boyfriend Nick.

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I'm Late

for CEiMB. What did you think I was talking about? Well, it has been a long week of working late and feeling crappy. Then Nick was going to make this for us last night while I was at a late meeting, but I forgot to buy the spinach. So I will make this tonight and post about it later. I will be reading everyone’s posts for tips and reviews!

See you later ;D

I don’t put much stock into the USDA guidelines for cooking meats. I like my steak barely cooked, fish and shell fish completely raw (or close to it), my pork slightly pink on the inside, and even my poultry cooked JUST to the point of safety. The reason? Because it’s delicious that way, plain and simple - and because I trust the producers and my purveyors implicitly. I do not recommend doing so to others, especially those who are already at a greater risk of getting “really” sick, i.e. very young/old, immuno-compromised, or taking medications that mess with digestion, etc. or people who don’t have a personal relationship with a grocer to insure their protein is of the highest quality and produced adhering to the strictest safety standards.

All of that said, this is one of my absolute favorite things to make. If you live outside of a large city, good luck getting the sushi grade (frozen within a certain amount of time to a ridiculously low temperature and held there to inhibit bacterial growth - though technically, this is not regulated by the FDA) tuna. Hell, I can’t even get it regularly here unless I call in advance and have it held for me - EVERYONE BUYS THIS STUFF AS SOON AS IT HITS THE FISH CASE. Why? Because is absolutely exquisite, possibly the best tasting fish ever.

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Well, this is a quasi Tuesdays with Dorie post this week. This week’s recipe was mango bread and was chosen by Kelly of Baking with the Boys. I was going to be a trooper and make this mango bread, even though Nick and I are not fans of the mango. Then I thought to myself, just change out the mango for some strawberry. Yes, you are a genius Sara. You have been wanting to make strawberry bread and now is your chance.

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Even though I had already made a pie for Nick for his birthday, I also wanted to make a layered birthday cake. Really, I had been wanting to make a layer cake for a while and his birthday was the perfect excuse.

I knew that I wanted to make a white or yellow cake, and that I wanted to dye the middle layer. (I would have preferred pink, but I went with blue since this was technically for Nick). I decided on a cake recipe that I saw at Food Loves Writing. Coincidentally, this recipe was actually originally printed in the Washington Post because it is a recipe from Restaurant Eve. Restaurant Eve is a well known restaurant in Alexandria, VA. I have never actually been there but have been reading many good things about it in various local publications for a few years now. So that, coupled with Shannalee’s review, made me confident that this cake would be delicious.

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