I am so happy to be hosting the 115th edition of Presto Pasta Nights! It’s been great fun and I have found some fabulous new blogs to read.

Everything looks delicious this week so let’s dig right in:

Joanne from Eats Well With Others made some Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni with Roasted Eggplant to carb load herself the night before she ran a half marathon. Wow! Great job Joanne. If only I had a good excuse to do some carb loading.

TS from [eatingclub] vancouver sent in her Spaghetti with Grapes, Tomatoes, and Oyster Mushrooms. I have to say I have never eaten grapes with pasta before, but seeing her delectable picture is enough to make me want to try it out.

Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (that means Cooking with Herbs for all the unilingual people, myself included) sent in a fabulous take on pesto with her Fiery Pasta with Mushrooms.

Ashley over at eat me, delicious made a vegetarian Asparagus and Feta pasta. This healthy meal with whole wheat pasta is not just limited to it’s namesake ingredients, check out her blog to see the entire delicious recipe for yourself.

All the way from Perth, Daphne from More than Words sent us a yummy sounding Spicy Chicken Mince Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce on Mung Bean Vermicilli.

This next dish is also from Australia, this time Melbourne. Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe made her Resurrection Potato and Pasta Bake with some leftover potato gratin, mushrooms, spinach and brown lentils. I don’t think I have ever had potatoes in my pasta, but I can see how a cheesy creamy gratin would be delicious with some noodles.

Next up is more asparagus with Cacio e Pepe with Asparagus from Su-Lin at Tamarind and Thyme. Her whole dish has 6 ingredients, so simple and it looks absolutely delicious. I really like how she sautéed the asparagus instead of steaming or blanching them.

Abby over at eat the right stuff made a lovely Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes and Wild Garlic, which I assume is similar to the ramps that grow here in the US. Abby also used some of the flowers from this beautiful plant, which she says have an even stronger garlic flavor than the leaves!

Poornima of Tasty Treats surely did send us a real treat - Penne in a Creamy Pesto Sauce with Fresh Mozarella, Grape Tomatoes and Chicken. Really, what more could you ask for in a pasta?

This week Presto Pasta veteran Kitchenetta from Got No Milk has a pasta with fava beans, tomatoes and sausage for us to feast our eyes upon. She used pappardelle which is one of my favorite cuts of pasta.

The lovely Nancy over at The Dogs Eat the Crumbs made the ultimate comfort food, country lasagne filled with veggies, meat and cheese. Always the clever one, she had this stashed in her treasure trove of a freezer.

Tigerfish from teczcape - an escape to food sent in a very creative pasta black bean with chili tuna. She made this after a long day at work. So keep these ingredients handy, it sure is nice to be able to whip up something homemade and delicious after a day like that.

Glenna from A Fridge Full of Food made an Italian feast for her niece’s birthday, including this amazing ziti with pepperoni. Holy delicious!

Our fearless Pasta Presto Nights leader Ruth made herself some Springtime Penne Mezzani Rigate with Goat Cheese, Asparagus & Baby Spinach. (Can you tell it’s asparagus season people???) She was lucky enough to have some Garofalo pasta sent to her direct from Gragnano, Italy, so I am sure her penne was extra delicious.

On to the wonderful pasta stylings of Honey B over at The Life and Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch who made a Spicy Shrimp with Linguini. I really love simple seafood and pasta dishes like this, her photograph is truly mouthwatering.

Pei Lin from Mrs Ergul made Darling Pasta. She had some leftover pesto sun dried tomato chicken sauce from a party and turned it into a delicious looking spaghetti dinner.

All the way from India, Happy Cook from Kitchen Treasures made some Spaghetti con Salmone e Gamberi. Shrimp AND salmon, some white wine, tomatoes and cream. It’s perfection!

Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes brings us a flavorful and healthy dish with her chicken n bell pepper pasta salad, she adds a little twist with some soy sauce and sesame oil.

Katie over at Easy Gourmet Dinners made a pasta of good fats! I like the sound of that. Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, and Asparagus Pasta was at her dinner table this week. She made this to help her husband bulk up the healthy way.

Marye of Baking Delights sends us an ultimate adult macaroni and cheese, Pasta avec Trois Fromages. Her cheese selections create a creamy and tangy pasta to which she added some spinach and lavender buds. A great take on this classic dish.

And finally, my submission this week is Venetian Orecchiette with Sardines and Mushrooms. It was my first time ever cooking with sardines and it came out great. If you enjoy a nice briny seafood flavor every once in a while then this dish is for you.

Have a great weekend.

Fried fish is awesome. There is a stand at the farmers market by Nick’s parents house in PA that has the most amazing fried halibut sandwich. They coat the fish in dry pancake mix, then egg, then panko and deep fry it to deliciouness. On a potato roll with their homemade cocktail sauce, it is heaven. I would eat one for every meal if I could, but alas, I cannot.

So let’s be real here, these baked fish fingers leave a lot to be desired if you are looking for some deep fried goodness. However, they are pretty delicious and smothered in this guilt free yogurt tarter like sauce, they are even better.

I am so glad that Anne from Rainforest Recipes chose these Crispy Fish Fingers as her pick this week for Craving Ellie in My Belly.

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I have a confession to make. I don’t enjoy cooking fish. My confidence in the kitchen is at its lowest when I am cooking fish. Now, this does not include shellfish. We eat A LOT of shellfish, so I have become very comfortable handling it. However, hand me a piece of fish, and I will immediately have visions of how I am going to ruin it.

I have a few basic fish recipes that I can execute well, but besides that I am always worried that it is going to fall apart or that I am going to under cook it and that usually leads to over cooking. A few months ago I even bought myself a copy of Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook’s Essential Companion by Rick Moonen, Roy Finamore. I have only made one or two things from it, that were not all that great, so it sits on my book shelf under utilized.

Lately, I have been making more fish in an effort to eat healthier, so I am working on my fish issues. When I saw this recipe for baked cod on Serious Eats I was actually excited to make it! It is baked which is my preferred method to make fish, and includes some great Sicilian flavor combinations. The recipe is by Gina DiPalma who is the pastry chef at Mario Batali’s (and Joseph Bastianich’s) Babbo.

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Oh, chipster brownies.

This really is an ingenious idea. Chocolate chip cookie dough on top of brownie batter. Whoever originally came up with this must have been quite pleased with themselves.

I know some of my fellow TWD bakers had problems with this coming out over baked.

Fortunately, I did not have that problem. Unfortunately, mine were under baked.

I am not really sure what happened. I even had it in the oven with a pizza stone, which usually makes things cook quicker. In addition, when I checked it with a knife in multiple spots it appeared to be done. Then as it cooled, the top layer of cookie cracked and I could see mushy uncooked batter underneath.

Grrrr. I put it back in the oven for some more time, but it just wasn’t happening. The middle of the concoction was a mixture of undercooked cookie dough and brownie batter.

I cut it up to take a picture and then threw the rest away. Except for the chunk I gave to Geoff to take home, who cared not if the middle was still a bit raw. Thanks Geoff!

This was a fail. What a waste of butter and chocolate!!! Though the parts that were cooked through were delicious of course. How could it not be? I might make this again at some point.

These chipster brownies were chosen by Beth of Supplicious. If you want to see some successful executions of chipster brownies, check out the Tuesdays with Dorie blog roll.

I think I must have been hungry one day while trolling my Google reader. It had to be the hunger that possessed me to bookmark a recipe I saw on Serious Eats for Venetian Spaghetti, which is essentially pasta with a sardine cream sauce. I had never eaten sardines before, but I do love myself some pasta. The picture looked great and the SE writer said that it tasted a lot like clam chowder, which I also love.

So I figured I would give this one a try, with our pizza rule in mind. The original recipe can be found at Food & Wine.

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