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Hello! Welcome to my second Presto Pasta Nights roundup. I am so happy to be hosting again and seeing all the creative and inspiring pasta dishes from all over the world. Isn't the internet great? Well without any further ado and ramblings… more »
This is a solid pasta dinner that I have made a handful of times. I like it because the sauce is quick and easy but still flavorful. Perfect for the times when I don't have any marinara in the freezer. It is based on a recipe I found in the June 2008… more »
I am so happy to be hosting the 115th edition of Presto Pasta Nights! It's been great fun and I have found some fabulous new blogs to read. Everything looks delicious this week so let's dig right in: Joanne from Eats Well With Others made som… more »
I think I must have been hungry one day while trolling my Google reader. It had to be the hunger that possessed me to bookmark a recipe I saw on Serious Eats for Venetian Spaghetti, which is essentially pasta with a sardine cream sauce. I had never eaten… more »

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