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This is a really simple hummus recipe and is a great base for making various flavored versions. I have made this hummus many times and I like to use it to make simple healthy sandwiches as well as just dip stuff in it. This time I made a super de… more »
(BTW - how do you like my cheap Ocean City hotel room cups. Nothing but the finest for imafoodblog!) This is the second granola recipe I have ever made for myself, and I am now officially in love with making my own granola. It is so much tastier than… more »
Pasta is the love of my foodie life. If I am looking for comfort, I always go with pasta. It is probably the thing I crave most, and we eat pasta for dinner at least once a week. So I was happy to make this week's Craving Ellie pick, chosen by Farah… more »
Do you know that the Irish would carve turnips into jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins on Halloween? I just heard that on the History channel. Pumpkin is not one of my favorite ingredients, I don't hate it, I just don't love it. Though I have been m… more »
This week it was my turn again to pick something for Craving Ellie in My Belly, and I chose a New York Breakfast. Like Ellie, I grew up in New York (I may have mentioned that a bazillion times on this blog already), and thus I grew up eating lots of b… more »
I have been in a bit of a funk lately with blogging, and life in general. I am so busy doing things that I don't really want to be doing (i.e. soul sucking work) and quite frankly it is depressing, and it makes me not want to do much of anything when I a… more »

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