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This is a really simple hummus recipe and is a great base for making various flavored versions. I have made this hummus many times and I like to use it to make simple healthy sandwiches as well as just dip stuff in it. This time I made a super de… more »
This week it was my turn again to pick something for Craving Ellie in My Belly, and I chose a New York Breakfast. Like Ellie, I grew up in New York (I may have mentioned that a bazillion times on this blog already), and thus I grew up eating lots of b… more »
This weeks Craving Ellie in My Belly is Chicken Sate with a Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce. It was chosen by the hilariously funny Cathy of The Tortefeasor. It can be found at the aforementioned Food Network link or on page 54-55 of The Food You Crave. This… more »
Bruschetta has been around for a long time, like 15th century long time. It originated, of course, somewhere in central Italy. The word bruschetta is derived from the word brucare which is of Roman dialect and means "to roast over the coals". (Thanks Wik… more »
These are basically fresh baked cheez-it crackers in a straw shape, which is a-ok with me. Crispy, cheesy and buttery. The trifecta of deliciousness. They would make a great party appetizer, but I had no party to bring them to. I made these for basic… more »
We are not really a gazpacho eating household. I think both of us just don't really care for cold soup. In addition, most gazpacho's are tomato based and we do not like tomatoes when they are uncooked and so tomatoey. However, this week's Craving Ell… more »
I don't put much stock into the USDA guidelines for cooking meats. I like my steak barely cooked, fish and shell fish completely raw (or close to it), my pork slightly pink on the inside, and even my poultry cooked JUST to the point of safety. The reas… more »
I think by now hummus is so mainstream that everyone knows how delicious and healthy it can be. That said, not all hummus is created equal. I have had some unbelievable hummus and I have also had some stuff labeled hummus that should be embarrassed by it… more »
This is just a quick lunch that I put together for myself on a day off from work, and it turned out delicious. I also think this would be a great hors d'oeurve or appetizer to serve at a party. I had some flour tortillas leftover in the fridge, so I… more »

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