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:)) Happy Birthday To Me! ;D I took the day off from work today because I just could not fathom sitting at my desk for 8 hours on my day of birth. Yuck! And my company was nice enough this year to give everyone a free vacation day in the month of t… more »
When Nick and I were in New York with my family over Passover we all decided to go into the city one day to see a Broadway show and go out to dinner in Little Italy. It was a day of fun, food, and shopping with my parents and sister, and my honey of cour… more »
Central Michel Richard’s menu is full of bistro favorites and comfort foods with a unique and satisfying twist. What sets Central apart from every other western bistro-style restaurant in DC is the perfect execution and creativity on every plate. Anyone… more »
This blog is about the culinary exploits of a small group (now 4) of friends, living in the Washington DC metro area. As such, from time to time we will publish reviews of local restaurants/suppliers. With that in mind, I would like to take this opport… more »