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French onion soup is one of the great pleasures of my life; rich beefy broth, sweet soft onions, buttery bread, and gooey crusty cheese, Really, how could you not like this? It is ultimate comfort food, if you can get someone else to make it for you that… more »
Bruschetta has been around for a long time, like 15th century long time. It originated, of course, somewhere in central Italy. The word bruschetta is derived from the word brucare which is of Roman dialect and means "to roast over the coals". (Thanks Wik… more »
This was my first attempt at Coq au Vin, and quite honestly, it may have been the first time I have eaten Coq au Vin. I cannot recall ever ordering it in a restaurant. This was a recipe from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook: Strategies, Recipes, an… more »
Making ricotta cheese is the topic of this month's Recipes to Rival, which was chosen by Lauren of I'll Eat You. This was a great choice by Lauren and I hope it inspires more people to experiment further with cheese making. Ricotta literally translat… more »