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So at 2:15 AM EST someone using Google Pakistan found our blog by searching "italyin family sex pron". Interestingly enough, it was about 12:15 PM in Pakistan. A little naughty lunchtime internet surfing? ;) Google thought that this post of ours would… more »
for us, of course. *insert additional lame Generation X marketing mantra speak here more »
:)) Happy Birthday To Me! ;D I took the day off from work today because I just could not fathom sitting at my desk for 8 hours on my day of birth. Yuck! And my company was nice enough this year to give everyone a free vacation day in the month of t… more »

Peace out MJ

So Michael Jackson is dead. Pretty crazy. I was sad to hear this, but not exactly surprised. I grew up totally enamored by him and his music. Like serious adolescent obsession. In fact me and my sister will still get down to some Thriller on a road trip.… more »
What I have been reading this week: Mario Batali - Not an Asshole: This is actually about a month old, but it is a great story about how this blogger met Mario Batali at Babbo. It is nice to hear about a celebrity chef being so nice and gracious to t… more »

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