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I don't eat a lot of salads. In order for me to enjoy a salad, it has to have lots of good stuff in it. I can't stand the thought of eating a plate of lettuce with some vinegar and oil on it with a stray cucumber here and there. However, when you sta… more »
Perfection. Some people would be surprised to find out that within a 100 mile radius (or less) of most major cities one can find the absolute highest quality produce and meats, for the best prices around, directly from the farm. The above picture is a… more »
So I'm hoping that my Getting to Know Your Meat series post on the duck has piqued your interest enough to go out and actually pick up a whole bird from your grocery store. Once you've got it home, there is the small task of quartering the duck to prepa… more »
In this installment of Getting To Know Your Meat (GTKYM) we will be tackling one of my favorite meals to prepare - duck. In the United States, duck is an often a neglected bird for many home cooks who find the task daunting. As I can attest to from ex… more »
A few days ago, I found myself preparing to do some research for an upcoming post featuring a recipe for egg pasta. As a true American I headed forthwith to the most convenient source possible to perform some "research" without all the hassle of going t… more »
Behold, one of my greatest comfort foods. Who doesn't love a hunk of red meat braised for hours in a mixture of tomato products and onions? Well, I guess there are a lot of people who don't, but if you don't eat meat this is probably not the blog for you… more »

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