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I LOVE pasta with marinara sauce. Pasta in general may be my favorite thing to eat, and as luck would have it, I have a boyfriend who likes to make me homemade pasta. He has become quite proficient at it and will post his process on the blog at some poin… more »
Sunday dinner. Hopefully the one night where dinner tables around the country and world are filled with families sitting down to a nice meal before everyone heads their separate ways and begins their busy work/school week. Here at imafoodblog, we appre… more »
This week's Craving Ellie in my Belly is Sage rubbed Pork Chops with Warm Apple Slaw. The recipe was chosen by Jen of Jen B's Cooking Carveout Breach of the Recipeace I have often leafed through Ellie's book and contemplated making these. However,… more »
Now, on to the issue of the consommé. A consommé is nothing more than a soup made from clarified stock. It sounds fancy and daunting, but it is really quite a simple process if you remember some basics about stock making. For our duck stoc… more »
So I'm hoping that my Getting to Know Your Meat series post on the duck has piqued your interest enough to go out and actually pick up a whole bird from your grocery store. Once you've got it home, there is the small task of quartering the duck to prepa… more »
Attention User: You were brought to this site yesterday through a web search at The exact query was: "how many pounds of brisket to feed 75." I sincerely hope that you found Geoff's "Getting to Know Your Meat" post on brisket helpfu… more »

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