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I have a confession to make. I don't enjoy cooking fish. My confidence in the kitchen is at its lowest when I am cooking fish. Now, this does not include shellfish. We eat A LOT of shellfish, so I have become very comfortable handling it. However, hand m… more »
I think I must have been hungry one day while trolling my Google reader. It had to be the hunger that possessed me to bookmark a recipe I saw on Serious Eats for Venetian Spaghetti, which is essentially pasta with a sardine cream sauce. I had never eaten… more »
Well, it's late, but it's still Thursday. And I came home from work like a good girl and made this week's Craving Ellie in my Belly recipe. This week Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen picked Thai Style Halibut with Coconut Curry Broth on page 232 of The F… more »
I don't put much stock into the USDA guidelines for cooking meats. I like my steak barely cooked, fish and shell fish completely raw (or close to it), my pork slightly pink on the inside, and even my poultry cooked JUST to the point of safety. The reas… more »
Risotto is a great technique to master, because once you have a handle on making a good risotto, the possibilities are endless. This is a seafood risotto that we ate a few Friday's ago. We do not eat meat on Friday's so I am always looking for fish and p… more »
This week's Craving Ellie in my Belly was Salmon with a Sweet & Spicy Rub and was chosen by Pam over at Lobster & Fishsticks. Well, I had every intention of making this. I went to my fish monger on Monday night to get some salmon, and of cour… more »

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