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So I'm hoping that my Getting to Know Your Meat series post on the duck has piqued your interest enough to go out and actually pick up a whole bird from your grocery store. Once you've got it home, there is the small task of quartering the duck to prepa… more »
I love bacon - in almost all its forms - and sprinkling some fresh bits on top of a twice baked potato or into a garden salad is an effective way to spruce up an otherwise banal dish. There is no question that fresh bacon bits are significantly better t… more »
Some of you may have noticed our sparkling new masthead. I would like to extend an official thank you to one, Ms. Kyle Alderman, for her hard work on the project. For compliments/complaints or if you find yourself in need of digital i… more »
Of all the tips and tricks I've learned throughout my culinary adventures, this technique for infusing oils is one of the most useful. The problem with store bought "infused" oils is that they are expensive and generally only taste mildly like what they… more »
Photo © Straus Creamery If you ask any culinary professional worth their salt: "What is the key to success in the kitchen?" they will almost always respond with "start with the best ingredients available." If one can perceive the unspoken, yet i… more »

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