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I first saw these rolls when Nicole at Pinch My Salt posted them on her blog a few months ago. They are an adaptation of the Williams Sonoma's potato rolls that I have seen on other blogs recently. I bookmarked them even though I didn't think I would mak… more »
From the title you have probably already assumed that this bread recipe requires no particular baking skills or equipment. I have made this Italian Bread many times with great success. There is no kneading, no bread machine, no mixer - just flour, water… more »
Are you popular? Good looking? Affable? Adored and looked up to by your peers? Brilliant? All of the above? I know, I know, life is hard (and we have SO much in common). If you possess any or all of the aforementioned qualities, and/or your house is lo… more »
(FYI - There is a sausage inside here^) After battle brioche I was left with over a pound of unused brioche. I decided to try something I have always wanted to make, but have not: "Pigs in a Blanket" and what better blanket is there than a supple, bu… more »
UPDATE: See my update to this post for the best cinnamon rolls that I have ever made - click here. These cinnamon rolls were made during our recent battle brioche that Nick has been posting about this week. How do you have brioche dough in the house a… more »
As the attentive reader may have noticed from my previous posts, there is some divergence of opinions on how to to best prepare brioche among the contestants. It should be mentioned that for the purposes of making each as true to their respective creato… more »

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