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Well, this is a quasi Tuesdays with Dorie post this week. This week's recipe was mango bread and was chosen by Kelly of Baking with the Boys. I was going to be a trooper and make this mango bread, even though Nick and I are not fans of the mango. Then I… more »
Once you have a homemade English muffins you will never want to have a store bought one again. Luckily, English muffins are super easy to make, so this should not present too much of a problem. I have seen many recipes out there for English muffins. The… more »
Oh buttery sugary cinnamon roll, how I love thee. I have been making various versions of you for a long time, but have never been fully satisfied. Until now! I have finally made a cinnamon roll that I am pleased with. It is by far the best cinnamon ro… more »
I am by no means an expert on laminated dough. I have failed previously in feeble attempts to make puff pastry and croissants. Sometimes to the extent that I deserved to be beaten repeatedly with soap bound in a bath towel. The reason I say this is be… more »
This is an Ellie Krieger French toast recipe that I have made numerous times. It is a great healthy breakfast that I like to make on the weekends. There is no way it could ever take the place of some buttery crispy pan fried French toast, but it is defin… more »
I was inspired by the ridiculous Ciabatta that Steve, of the well respected food blog: produced in his home kitchen earlier this month. Something about that wide open crumb structure set my bread-loving taste buds aflame with exultat… more »

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