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Well hello blog world. I am back. Is anybody still out there? No. It's okay, I am used to talking to myself. So, I love biscuits with a capital L. I am not really going out on a culinary limb here, because really who doesn't love biscuits? If you don'… more »
for us, of course. *insert additional lame Generation X marketing mantra speak here more »
Okay, so I went on a bit of a challah making craze. Over the week while I was on vacation I made 3 batches of challah yielding a total of 6 loaves. You may recall a few weeks ago I made my first challah for our Bread Baking Day roundup. I used Peter… more »
I was lucky enough to host this month's Bread Baking Day. I decided to challenge all you awesome internet bread bakers to try something, *GASP* brand new, never tested, maybe even a bit challenging. The results are in, and by God they look delicious.… more »
***update - check out my improved 5 braid challah.*** I made this challah bread a few weeks ago for two reasons. One, I have never made a challah before and decided this would be my entry for August's Bread Baking Day which we are hosting, and two, I… more »
So... WE, the humble staff, have been graced with the opportunity to host Bread Baking Day #23, and we couldn't be more excited about it. I've even come up with a theme, one for which I can guarantee that no one from the lowliest home br… more »

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