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If you are coming here expecting to find Carrot, Green Apple & Mint Salad, well, it's not here. Even though this week's Craving Ellie recipe was chosen by one of my favorite bloggers (A Singleton in the Kitchen), who also happens to live in the same… more »
(BTW - how do you like my cheap Ocean City hotel room cups. Nothing but the finest for imafoodblog!) This is the second granola recipe I have ever made for myself, and I am now officially in love with making my own granola. It is so much tastier than… more »
Pasta is the love of my foodie life. If I am looking for comfort, I always go with pasta. It is probably the thing I crave most, and we eat pasta for dinner at least once a week. So I was happy to make this week's Craving Ellie pick, chosen by Farah… more »
French onion soup is one of the great pleasures of my life; rich beefy broth, sweet soft onions, buttery bread, and gooey crusty cheese, Really, how could you not like this? It is ultimate comfort food, if you can get someone else to make it for you that… more »