I was lucky enough to host this month’s Bread Baking Day. I decided to challenge all you awesome internet bread bakers to try something, *GASP* brand new, never tested, maybe even a bit challenging. The results are in, and by God they look delicious. The amount of gym hours required to work off all these carbs is daunting - but probably oh-so-worth-it (who am I kidding? I’d just eat all the bread up and then lay around on the sofa and bitch about how fat I am all night, bound in a thick layer of self-loathing, instead of ACTUALLY going to the GYM). Without further ado and in no particular order, I present to you BBD #23

Follow up:

Note: The pictures are linked to each blog.

Glenda of “Domesticated Engineer” submitted Lemon Poppy seed Bread

Jacqueline of “Toxo Bread” submitted Zopf

IDania of “El Aromia De Idania” submitted Pan Pan Proteico Multicereal

Cinzia of “Cindystar” submitted Boston Brown Bread

Mary of “One Perfect Bite” submitted Whole Wheat Olive Flatbread

Sus of “Corum Blog” submitted Ballymaloe Wholemeal Bread with Hemp Seed

Görel of “Grain Doe” submitted Russian Black Bread

The infamous Lien of “Notitie van Lien” submitted English Muffins

Alisa of “Jane of Many Trades” submitted Whole Wheat Pitas

Fellow CEiMB member Anne Lossing of “Rainforest Recipes” submitted White Pizza with Arugula

Madam Chow from “Madam Chow’s Kitchen” also submitted a Russian Black Bread (I never knew these things were so popular?)

Aparna of “My Diverse Kitchen” submitted Tomato Bread with Fresh Basil

The talented, *youthful* and hilarious Susan (ssshhhh…. I’m not trying to get brownie points here, I promise) of “Wild Yeast” submitted Apricot Fritters

Zorra of “1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf” (which I know I absolutely murder every time I try to pronounce) and the linchpin of “Bread Baking Day” submitted 65°C TangZhong Nutella Buns (yes, I had to copy and paste that whole line).

Judy of “Judy’s Gross Eats” submitted Raised Waffles

Cathy Warner of “The Bread Experience” submitted Italian Semolina Bread

Natalia of “Gatti Fili e Farina” submitted Focaccia Genovese

Natashya of “Living in the Kitchen with Puppies” submitted Pane Integrale alle Erbe, Whole Wheat Bread with Herbs

Chaosqueen of “Chaosqueen’s Kitchen” submitted Sweet Milk Sourdough Braid

Zaira of “La Cocina de Zaira” submitted Pan de pita con azafrán (Pita bread with saffron)

Ap269 of “Family and Food” submitted Bagels

Tartasacher of “Mil Postres” submitted Flor de pan de avellanas con semillas. (Flower hazelnut bread with seeds)

Yasmeen of “Health Nut” submitted Vegan French Onion Soup in a Bread Bowl

Laura of “Pragmatic Attic” was a busy bee and submitted 2 dishes to the roundup. These Dairy Free Cheese Danish

and these Sour Cream Cinnamon Twists (drool-drool-drool)

My friend Stefanie of “Hefe und mehr” made Pretzels (and me to want to eat said pretzel)

Jamie of “Life’s a Feast” submitted Bagels

Abbhi of “Soulful Creations” submitted Wild Rice Bread

Last, but certainly not least, Sara of I’m A Food Blog submitted Challah, just in time for the upcoming Jewish holidays