This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie is Brownie Buttons which can be found on page 106-107 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. They may just look like some normal mini brownies, but they are not. These fabulous bite size brownies are bursting with rich and bright flavors. The secret is…orange zest.

This is a fairly basic brownie recipe. Butter, sugar, chocolate, flour, eggs, and vanilla. Then Dorie adds a nice brightness with some orange zest, I used the zest of almost a whole orange so the orange flavor was very pronounced. Though she does say that the zest is optional, I think it is what sets these apart from just a regular brownie. I love the orange and chocolate combination, it reminds me of the chocolate cointreau souffles that Nick makes.

I made these to bring to the beach for a weekend vacation, as a treat for Nick’s 7 year old son. Since he is pretty much the pickiest eater on the planet (thanks mostly to the fact that he is continually fed junk and fast food when he is not with us) I opted out of the white chocolate topping. I actually wanted there to be a chance that he would eat these, and the orange zest was already worrying me. Good news, he did like them and had no complaints about the orange flavor. Since I was making them for little taste buds, I also decided to use semi sweet and milk chocolate instead of bittersweet.

I scanned the P&Q, but did not see anything about the weird thing that happened to my brownies. As I was removing them from the silicone pan, I realized that they had all caved in from the bottom. They were nice and fluffy on top, but the bottoms had sunk, but it was more like they were sucked in from above. What in the name of baking science went on in my muffin pan? Anyone???

Great TWD pick this week by Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen. Hey, maybe she can solve the case of my mysterious reverse cave in brownies.