So… WE, the humble staff, have been graced with the opportunity to host Bread Baking Day #23, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve even come up with a theme, one for which I can guarantee that no one from the lowliest home bread baker, to the greatest of all time, has ever made before… bold statement, I know, but ever so true.

Follow up:

As many of our regular readers already know, we participate in a handful of roundups every month. One of my absolute favorite is Bread Baking Day. BBD was created by Zorra of One can find most every kind of yeast leavened goodness on the planet here! You can find last months roundup of “Sweet Breads” hosted by my friend Stefanie of “Hefe und Mehr” here!

If you would like to participate this month, please include a link to this post in your post and submit a picture of your creation to me via email to nick @ imafoodblog dot com, subject: “BBD #23 - insert-the-name-of-your-dish-here". Our center column width is set to 450 pixels, so please keep the pictures around that size if possible (though smaller will work, it will just be, well… smaller). It would be totally sweet if you named your picture something representative of your blog, like the first 4 letters after the www, to make it easier for me to keep everything in it’s right place, as in if your URL is you could name your picture: “imaf.jpg” - instead of “32ndpictureofbread.jpg.” Please include a permalink to your post (if you have a blog) and your name. The submission deadline is September 1st, 2009, and I should have the roundup posted by September 6th, 2009. I look forward to drooling over all of your tasty submissions! I will accept posts in languages other than English, but give no warranty that I won’t mistranslate your content! (this goes double for you Zorra and Stefanie) :-P

For my choice of theme, I’ve decided to go with “Something You’ve Never Made Before.” What could this be you say? I don’t know, I’m not intimately in tune with every bread you’ve ever made so we’ll have to go with the honor system here. Try something completely new, or put a new spin on something you’ve mastered. Make it interesting, and keep it in the spirit of homemade bread: Best.Thing.Ever. Period . and I will do my best not to mess this gig up completely.