This week’s Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe is Vegetable Cheese Strata and was chosen by Jen of A Mid Life Culinary Adventure. You can find the recipe here or on page 26 of The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life by Ellie Krieger.

I actually made this a few weeks ago as soon as it was picked. It was SO good. Crusty baguette soaked overnight in eggs with a yummy assortment of vegetables and cheese.

I cut this recipe down to serve 2, and it was the perfect amount of breakfast for Nick and I. I followed Ellie’s recipe pretty exactly, except that I used a white baguette instead of whole wheat. As far as vegetables I think you could pretty much put whatever you wanted or had in the house into this strata. Though this combo of mushrooms, broccoli, onions, and the subtly sweet sun dried tomatoes was pretty perfect in my book.

I can’t remember ever having a strata before and I definitely enjoyed it more than any frittata I have had. I think this may be because of the texture. I always need some chewy bread with my eggs, and this combines the soft eggs and the chewy bread perfectly.

At first I was going to use this little cake pan, but when I poured the mixture in, it was filled to the tippy top. I had visions of overflowing pans and stratas that take 5 hours to cook through.

This looks much better.

This really was excellent, I wish I had a fresh one baking in the oven right now. I highly suggest this recipe to everyone, even if you are not TRYING to eat healthy. See how my fellow Craving Ellie ladies fared with this one.