I give you Apricot Honey Ice Cream.

This was a really yummy treat. Thanks to Tommi of Brown Interior for picking this wonderful recipe for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie. It can be found on page 437 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

I used apricots instead of peaches, because the peaches I bought turned out to be rotten. It is always nice when you go to start making something and realize that your main ingredient literally belongs in the trash. I could actually cut through the peach pits!

I read the playing around that Dorie provides and she said that you could also use nectarines or apricots. I like both of these more than peaches. Excellent!

Follow up:

I bought a scant 1 1/2 pounds of apricots. Sliced them in chunks and boiled them with some honey until softened, then made a delicious puree in the food processor. For a moment I considered abandoning the ice cream and just spreading that apricot goodness on various baked goods.

This puree got mixed into my sugar, egg yolks, milk and cream mixture.

I decided not to reserve any apricot bits to add to the ice cream at the end. I am not a fan of frozen bits in my ice cream and I also did not have the full 2 pounds of fruit the recipe called for and did not want to loose any of the apricot flavor.

The verdict: Nick and I both really enjoyed this. It is creamy and smooth, fruity and sweet but not cloyingly so. You could not really taste the honey in this, but I am sure it helped make this ice cream the perfect amount of sweet.

As you can see, we ate the ice cream with pretzels. A great combo!

I would also love to eat this with some sort of fresh berry sauce. Maybe something a little tart to balance out the sweet cream. Nick suggested huckleberry. I don’t even know what a huckleberry looks like.

This recipe is a keeper for sure.

Large ice cream glass equals large serving of ice cream for me!

(I didn’t really eat all of that) ;)