Puff pastry and bacon are cut from the same cloth. The cloth of whatever you are making if you add some bacon or puff pastry, it will automatically be ten times more delicious. That is a fact, not an opinion. :P

In short, this tart was flaky buttery goodness. Apples, butter, brown sugar, puff pastry (I added some cinnamon at the end, mainly for color). Nick and I split one of the little tarts, and the rest were removed from the premises post haste. I have been doing a good job lately of working out and not being a pig in general, so I didn’t want to derail my work by keeping these evil temptresses in the house. Oh, but they were good!

Nick has made puff pastry a few times, like real deal puff pastry that takes hours and multiple turns. However, we were fresh out so I did buy the all butter Dufour puff pastry. This cost me $10.49, which is why my tarts are square and not round. Sorry Dorie, I am not wasting perfectly good puff pastry just so I can have a circular tart. We did not like the Dufour as much as Nick’s homemade puff pastry. The flavor was better on the homemade which we attributed to the salt content and the Straus butter he used. That said, I would certainly not throw this Dufour puff pastry out of bed and I can’t wait to use it up on more tasty treats.

The bottom line is that this is really easy and delicious and the filling can be adapted to pretty much any fruit that you like.

This wonderfully delicious and easy Apple Tartlet was chosen for Tuesdays with Dorie by Jessica of My Baking Heart. Great pick Jessica!