About a month ago I was BSing with Joepastry about an idea I had to make a Rose Champagne Panna Cotta. Being the ever engaging and sardonic codger he is, he suggested that I “throw in some Kobe beef and truffles” to boot. Well Joe, consider this my witty retort.

Follow up:

In the above picture you see 8oz of black Italian Summer truffles that I have procured specifically for said purpose. I do not have the luxury of the requisite commanding of the English language to adequately describe them. The following adjectives come to mind: awesome, sick, ridiculous, unbelievable, and ALL MINE. That’s right, NONE FOR YOU - except of course Nick from Macheesmo who received a conciliatory invitation to make up for the time Geoff and I forced him to stay out till Midnight on a Monday pounding $1 beers and getting crushed repeatedly in varied bar games of a sundry nature.

The only thing of note recently, that comes to mind to rival the sheer awesomeness of these tubers, was the customer service I received from a rep. at D’Artagnan. I would like to extend a huge Imafoodblog.com thank you to her. Not only did she provide me 4 insane truffles (weighing in at 2+ oz a piece), but she also followed up with this info:

“So here’s what I pulled off our website. I do know that these truffles are coming in right now from Bologna, Italy (about 2 hours south of Milan). If *****, our mushroom buyer, has anything further to add, I’ll shoot you an email…

Fresh Summer Truffle, tuber aestivum (1 oz. avg. each)

A close cousin of the Burgundy Truffle (tuber unicinatum), Black Summer truffles are in season from April to September. These delicacies from Italy and Spain are similar in appearance to Black Winter Truffles, except that they are lighter in color. They also have a more delicate flavor and a wonderful, slightly nutty aroma. Because of their more mild flavor profile, Summer Truffles are most often used raw—grated over pasta, eggs or cheese dishes—or to finish dishes and sauces, where only a short amount of cooking time is required.

In season from April – September
Sold as whole, in-tact pieces
Product of central and northern Italy, Spain”

So I say onto you friends - as I am both a braggart and a dolt:

“nanny nanny foo foo, I have truffles and none for you!”