What I have been reading this week:

Mario Batali - Not an Asshole: This is actually about a month old, but it is a great story about how this blogger met Mario Batali at Babbo. It is nice to hear about a celebrity chef being so nice and gracious to the people who fill their restaurants and their pockets. (Food Hunters Guide to Cuisine)

The English Muffin Experiment:
On the very same day that I posted about my first homemade English muffin experience, the team over at Serious Eats posted a whole article about homemade vs. store bought English muffins. This is an interesting read, and the outcome is not surprising. (Serious Eats)

Massachusetts set to pass strict menu labeling rules for fast food restaurants: I think this is a great. I firmly believe that so many people are overweight because they do not even consider how bad the things that they are eating are for them. As a blogging community who is food obsessed, I know that can be hard to fathom, but it is happening. As a consumer who is well aware of what is going into my body, I almost completely avoid any fast food or convenience food establishment that does not have nutritional information for their food available. The fast food companies should embrace this and should feel ashamed that they are fighting for the ability to blindly feed their customers horrendous food.(Reuters UK)

Hungry Girl’s Capn Crunch Shake: Good for you or good for killing you?: This is a funny yet true article by one of my favorite bloggers Jenni, The Online Pastry Chef. How do you feel about so called healthier eating by substituting all kinds of synthetic and unnatural products to make something low fat or low calorie? I hate it, and I hate that this philosophy makes it so hard to find quality cookbooks that have light and truly healthy recipes. This is why I love myself some Ellie Krieger. (The Online Pastry Chef)

Homemade Mustard:
While Nick (not my Nick, another DC blogger named Nick)over at Macheesmo is on vacation (lucky bastard!) he asked his friend Corey Wood to fill in as a guest poster. Corey enlightened us all about making your own mustard with 4 different recipes. I have never made homemade mustard, or ketchup for that matter, but it makes perfect sense that it would be totally delicious and better than the bottled stuff. Nick actually reminded me that our good friend Greg at Sippity Sup also made his own homemade mustard recently, he even ground the mustard seed up with a mortar and pestle. I would expect nothing less from him. (Macheesmo)

Happy reading and happy weekend to everyone!