This blog is a culmination of our experience preparing food, cooking, and eating. It is a stretch to say that we live for food, but "food is our motivation' is apropos. None of us have any classic culinary training, nor have any of us worked even one second in food service of any kind. We decided to create this forum for sharing our extensive home cooking experience because it's something we are passionate about.

Growing up, my father spent the bulk of his free time in the kitchen. At the time I couldn't appreciate the consuming passion that was the catalyst for countless memorable meals. When I was in high school I was propositioned regularly for invitations to dinner at my house. I suppose it was easy to convince myself that my peers desired the pleasure of my company so much that they would put up with dinner in my parents presence. It wasn't until I began cooking for myself that I realized just how lucky I had been, eating homemade traditional American and Italian food every night. The day has long since passed when my conscience permitted anything other than the credit due to my father for the quality of the nourishment he provided our family on a daily basis.

The turning point in my interest in food began immediately after a dinner at the "Inn at Little Washington." Sara's father arranged for us eat at the chef's table, an incense laden presentation of Patrick O'Connell included. I remember a sous chef announcing, "Robert Mondavi was once quoted saying that Patrick O'Connell is the pope of American Cuisine." The ensuing meal changed the way I looked at food forever.

I, as Sara and Geoff, have learned to cook primarily through eating and cooking. Cookbooks have always been the main source of inspiration and education in our training, in the past few years the vast contribution of food blogs has been influential. There is no limit to what an apt study is capable of perceiving from a quality food publication. One can learn, not only the purported dishes, but the meaning, quality and inspiration of the food, and showmanship, and ideals in general that a chef holds true, by perusing their publications. This is where our journey begins, where it ends remains to be seen - I hope from the bottom of my heart that our contribution will allow you to enjoy even the most austere sliver of the joy we have thus far found...